Show the beauty of Zhejiang and win up to RMB 1,000,000!



Zhejiang, a dynamic and beautiful province in East China, is looking for entries of short videos by launching the “Picturesque and Dynamic Zhejiang” Global Short Video Contest! Whether you are in Zhejiang or in other parts of the world, it’s time to show your talent and tell the world your stories about Zhejiang. 


Click the promo video below to learn more about the contest!


The winners’ submissions will be broadcast through major media communication matrixes in Zhejiang and China, and we invited friends from all over the world to share their impressions of Zhejiang. 

新华社等中央主要媒体海外传播矩阵及中国 · 浙江英文网、印象浙江英文网、浙江英语电视传播窗口(ZTV NEWS)、中国蓝国际融媒矩阵、天目新闻客户端英语频道等平台,邀请全球网友,一起创作短视频,和好友分享你眼中的浙江。

Terms and Conditions 参赛须知

Eligibility 参赛要求

1. Entry Period 征集时间

From now on till September 20th, 2022  


2. Qualifying Entrants 参赛对象

The contest is open to the public from all over the world. Organizations, studios and individuals are all eligible for the contest.


3. How To Join The Contest? 参赛方式

If you are based in China


1) Website 官方专题页面

You can log into the official site by clicking the link, fill in the registration form and the published link of your video, and upload the original video.


2) Douyin 抖音

You can join the contest by posting your video (your entry) on Douyin (抖音) with the hashtag in Chinese #诗画江南活力浙江 and mention the account @美丽浙江

创作者可以将作品上传至抖音平台,添加话题 #诗画江南活力浙江,并@美丽浙江。

3) 新片场

You can find the contest page on the website of xinpianchang (新片场) by searching the keyword “诗画江南 活力浙江” on the website, filling in the information and submitting your videos.

创作者可以登录新片场平台页面,搜索“诗画江南 活力浙江”进入比赛专区,按要求填写材料、提交作品。

If you live abroad



If you live abroad or are TikTok users, you are encouraged to upload your videos on TikTok with the hashtag #PicturesqueAndDynamicZhejiang. 


2) Website 官方专题页面

You can also log into the official site by clicking the link, fill in the registration form and the published link of your video, and upload the original video.


3)Email 邮箱
You can also choose to send your entry to in the form of an attachment or disk (Baidu/Google Drive) link. Please send your mail with the subject line in the format of “Author-Name of the Entry-Contact Number”, and specify the details of your entry in the body.

参赛作品还可以超大附件形式或网盘(百度/Google Drive)链接与密码形式发送至邮箱:邮件标题请注明“作者—作品名称—联系电话”,作品正文注明作品信息)。

4. Video Requirements 作品要求There is no limit to the type of the video (i.e. personal vlog, stand-up video, thriller, etc.). We want to see your talent and creativity. Either professional cameras or mobile phones can be used to create the video. 


There is no requirement for the language of the video entries. For videos in languages other than English or Chinese, English/Chinese dubbing or subtitles are required, while Chinese subtitles are encouraged.


Entries should be based on real-life stories reflecting Zhejiang-related themes and elements. Any pornographic, violent, racially discriminating, or other inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. Advertising of any kind is not allowed. 


Entries must be original and exclusively owned by you. Please make sure that you have acquired all necessary rights, permits and licenses for the usage of pictures, music and font, and have obtained the permission or image rights from those featured in your entry. Submission of the entries means that you have authorized the organizing committee to use them for future promotion, broadcasting, or exhibition. 


For entries that have won the Special Prize, Best Dissemination Award and First Prize, the copyright and rights of dissemination will be automatically transferred to the organizer. For other award-winning entries, the rights of dissemination and alteration of those entries will be automatically transferred to the organizer. Relevant authorization agreements will be signed when necessary.


For entries competing in the Professional Group, the resolution shall be 1280*720 or above, in the format of MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV or MP4. 


Prize 大赛奖项

Entries are divided into two groups: Professional Group and Public Group. The Best Dissemination Awards have been specially set up to promote the global influence of the contest.



Special Prize 组委会特别奖 (1个)

The award is given based on the entry’s artistic values, creativity, and the effect of dissemination during the exhibition of all the submissions. The prize money is RMB 1,000,000 yuan (before tax, the same below) 



专业组 Professional Group (14个)

The length of the entry should be no more than 7 minutes.


Awards are given based primarily on the creativity and the professionalism of the entry; dissemination data of the entry during the exhibition of all the submissions will also be considered. 

There will be 1 First Prize, 3 Second Prizes and 10 Third Prizes. The prize-winning entry can be a single video or a video series. If the entry is a series of videos, it is considered one entry in the contest. Prize money is as follows: 

First Prize: RMB 300,000 yuan

Second Prize: RMB 80,000 yuan

Third Prize: RMB 20,000 yuan



大众组 Public Group (15个)

The length of the entry should be no more than 2 minutes. 


The awards are given based on the creativity and the publishing result (reach, traffic, impression, etc.) of the entry. There will be 1 First Prize, 4 Second Prizes, and 10 Third Prizes. The prize-winning entry can be a single video or a video series. If the entry is a series of videos, it is considered one entry in the contest. Prize money is as follows:

First Prize: RMB 150,000 yuan

Second Prize: RMB 50,000 yuan

Third Prize: RMB 10,000 yuan



最佳传播奖 Best Dissemination Award (2个)

The awards are given based on the overall statistical data of the entry on related platforms. There will be two awards in this category: Best (Internet) Dissemination Award, and Best (Overseas) Dissemination Award. The Best Dissemination Award and the Special Prize will not be awarded to the same entry. The prize money is RMB 200,000 yuan


All entrants, both organizations and individuals, can compete to win the above-mentioned awards and certificates. The award-winning entries will have the opportunity to be shown and broadcast on China’s mainstream media platforms. 


The award-winning entries are very likely to be exhibited and broadcasted on Chinese mainstream media platforms as a way of promoting cultural exchanges.


Join us to explore the beauty and dynamism of Zhejiang together!浙江诗画之美,邀请全球创作者来发现!浙江发展之活力,期待全球共享!

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