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  • UN investigative team outlines findings around ISIL chemical weapons use

    © UNICEF/Wathiq Khuzaie A family walks past a memorial set up at the location of a suicide bombing, claimed by ISIL, at Al-Shuhadaa Staduim in Babil, Iraq. Facebook Twitter Print Email 8 June 2023Peace and Security During their nearly four-year reign of terror in Iraq, ISIL extremists developed at least eight chemical agents, tested them on humans, and carried out at least 13 attacks, UN experts reported on Thursday.  Senior officials with the UN Investigative Team promoting accountability for ISIL crimes, UNITAD, presented some of their findings to Member States meeting at UN Headquarters in New York.  Tweet URL UNITAD_Iraq For the past five years, UNITAD has been gathering evidence of crimes committed during ISIL’s self-proclaimed caliphate from June 2014 to December 2017, which could be used to prosecute the extremists in national or foreign courts.  Prosecution is rare  Christian Ritscher, Special Adviser and Head of UNITAD, recalled that chemical weapons use is outlawed internationally and could constitute a crime against humanity, war crime or even contribute to genocide, if a specific group is targeted.  “To the best of my knowledge, the use of…

  • United Nations Secretary General Guterres wishes you a happy New Year!

    农历壬寅虎年新春致辞 联合国秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯 春节快乐!祝大家农历新年好。在喜迎虎年到来之际,我高兴地向大家致以最热情的问候。 Chun Jie Kuai Le! Happy Lunar New Year. I am pleased to send you my warmest greetings as we begin the Year of the Tiger. 老虎象征着力量强大、生气勃勃、勇气十足、坚韧不拔、果敢无畏。这些都是我们今天面对前所未有之挑战所需要的品质。 The tiger denotes strength, vitality, courage, tenacity, and boldness. These are qualities we need as we face the unprecedented challenges of the day. 我感谢中方和中国人民对多边主义和联合国的投入与支持。我坚信你们将继续提供支持并开展合作,推进我们的共同议程,实现我们对和平与可持续未来的共同愿景。 I thank China and the Chinese people for your commitment to multilateralism and to the United Nations. I count on your continuous support and cooperation to advance Our Common Agenda and to realize our shared hopes for a peaceful and sustainable future. 为达成这些目标,我们必须采取具体行动解决所面对的实际问题,包括气候变化,也包括新冠疫情。各国人民必须携手鼎力实现恢复,建设更美好的未来。 To do that, we must take concrete action to address real issues in front of us such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we must recover and build forward better. 我即将出席北京冬奥会开幕式。奥林匹克精神是人类团结的灯塔,我期待冬奥会安全举行并圆满成功。 Soon, I will attend the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Olympic spirit shines as a beacon to human solidarity and I look forward to safe and successful Games. 虎年伊始,祝阖家兴旺发达、身体健康、幸福美满! As the Lunar New Year begins, I wish you and your families prosperity, health and happiness in the Year of…

  • COP26 – what we know so far, and why it matters: Your UN News guide

    Unsplash/Stephen O’DonnellThe 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in is being held in Glasgow in the UK.    29 October 2021Climate and Environment In a world shaken by a pandemic, and a fast-closing window of opportunity to avoid climate catastrophe, the pivotal COP26 UN climate conference kicks off this Sunday in the Scottish city of Glasgow – the stakes could not be higher.  “Without decisive action, we are gambling away our last chance to – literally – turn the tide”, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said ahead of the meeting. But why could it be our last chance? Here’s some answers we’ve found to the most common questions you might have about what’s coming up. Let’s start with the basics, what is COP26? To keep it simple, COP26 is the biggest and most important climate-related conference on the planet. In 1992, the UN organised a major event in Rio de Janeiro called the Earth Summit, in which the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was adopted. In this treaty, nations agreed to “stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere” to…

    2021-10-31 United Nations News
  • At G20, UN chief calls for global leadership towards full, equitable post-pandemic recovery

    G20 Summit/ItalyLeaders of the world’s largest economies attend a Working Session during the 2021 G20 Summit, hosted by Italy and convened in Rome. (30 October, 2021)    30 October 2021UN Affairs United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Saturday called on G20 leaders to step up efforts to ensure the global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is fair, inclusive and prevents further suffering. Attending the official opening of the G20 Summit in Rome, Mr. Guterres addressed the leaders during the first session, entitled ‘Global Economy and Global Health.’  Save lives, prevent further suffering In his remarks, the UN chief called for vaccine equity an urged the leaders to show leadership to save lives, prevent further suffering, and enable a full global recovery.https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?creatorScreenName=UN_News_Centre&dnt=false&embedId=twitter-widget-0&features=eyJ0ZndfZXhwZXJpbWVudHNfY29va2llX2V4cGlyYXRpb24iOnsiYnVja2V0IjoxMjA5NjAwLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X2hvcml6b25fdHdlZXRfZW1iZWRfOTU1NSI6eyJidWNrZXQiOiJodGUiLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X3NwYWNlX2NhcmQiOnsiYnVja2V0Ijoib2ZmIiwidmVyc2lvbiI6bnVsbH19&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1454444253510344711&lang=en&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fnews.un.org%2Fen%2Fstory%2F2021%2F10%2F1104502&sessionId=00b937cea2d4923d979f8aa1ba2fdf9a7e3f78d4&siteScreenName=UN_News_Centre&theme=light&widgetsVersion=f001879%3A1634581029404&width=550px He also reiterated the importance of the G20 to adopt and coordinate action to support the global vaccination strategy led by the UN World Health Organization (WHO), which aims to get vaccines into the arms of 40 per cent of people in all countries by the end of this year, and 70 per cent by mid-2022. The WHO launched its strategy earlier this month to help bring…

  • Past 7 years set to be warmest on record, sea level at new high

    IMF/K. M. AsadIn Bangladesh, efforts are undertaken to improve coastal protection from flooding caused by storms and a rise in sea level due to climate change.    31 October 2021Climate and Environment Record greenhouse gas concentrations have pushed the planet into uncharted territory, with repercussions likely for current and future generations, warned the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) this Sunday.  The past seven years are on track to be the seven warmest ever, according to the provisional WMO State of the Global Climate 2021 report, based on data for the first nine months of the year.   Released as climate policy negotiators begin their work at COP26, in Glasgow, the report says that a temporary cooling “La Niña” event early in the year, means that 2021 is expected to be “only” the fifth to seventh warmest year on record.   Global sea level rise accelerated since 2013 to a new high, with continued ocean warming and ocean acidification.  The report combines input from multiple United Nations agencies, national meteorological and hydrological services, and scientific experts.  It highlights the destructive impacts on food security and population displacement, crucial ecosystems and in slowing progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?creatorScreenName=UN_News_Centre&dnt=false&embedId=twitter-widget-0&features=eyJ0ZndfZXhwZXJpbWVudHNfY29va2llX2V4cGlyYXRpb24iOnsiYnVja2V0IjoxMjA5NjAwLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X2hvcml6b25fdHdlZXRfZW1iZWRfOTU1NSI6eyJidWNrZXQiOiJodGUiLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X3NwYWNlX2NhcmQiOnsiYnVja2V0Ijoib2ZmIiwidmVyc2lvbiI6bnVsbH19&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1454833895376052224&lang=en&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fnews.un.org%2Fen%2Fstory%2F2021%2F10%2F1104472&sessionId=6df92063164baf54f54fd55bf0a18e7bff478313&siteScreenName=UN_News_Centre&theme=light&widgetsVersion=f001879%3A1634581029404&width=550px Time to act  In a video statement, the UN Secretary-General said the…

  • Journalists who ‘speak truth to power’ recognized with Nobel Peace Prize

    Euku via Wikimedia Commons/UNESCODmitry Muratov (left) and Maria Messa were jointly award the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.    8 October 2021Human Rights Two campaigning journalists were awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, which UN Secretary-General António Guterres said was recognition that a free press is “essential for peace, justice, sustainable development and human rights – and the cornerstone for building fair and impartial institutions”.  From the Philippines, Maria Ressa, Chief Executive and cofounder of online news outlet Rappler, and Russia’s Dmitry Muratov, cofounder and editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta newspaper, were named as the 2021 laureates by Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the Norwegian Nobel committee. Heartfelt congratulations to the journalist @mariaressa, laureate of the 2021 #UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World #PressFreedom Prize & key partner of @UNESCO, who has won the #NobelPeacePrize together w/ Dimitry Muratov. Freedom of expression is the lifeblood of democracy.#NobelPrize https://t.co/cZmkvZPB2t— Audrey Azoulay (@AAzoulay) October 8, 2021 “No society can be free and fair without journalists who are able to investigate wrongdoing, bring information to citizens, hold leaders accountable and speak truth to power”, the UN chief said in his message congratulating this year’s winners. Our greatest ally Yet anti-media rhetoric and attacks against media workers continue to rise, observed the top…

  • Continuing Resumed Session, Non-Governmental Organizations Approves 8 Entities for Special Status, Defers Action on 17 Others

    The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations recommended 8 entities for special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council and deferred action on the status of 17 others, as it continued its resumed 2021 session today. The 19-member Committee considers applications for consultative status and requests for reclassification submitted by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Once an application has been reviewed and approved by the Committee it is considered recommended for consultative status.  Organizations which were granted general and special status can attend meetings of the Council and issue statements, while those with general status can also speak during meetings and propose agenda items.  Organizations with roster status can only attend meetings. Action on some applications was postponed pending responses to Committee members’ questions on matters related to the organizations’ activities, partners, expenditures and sources of funding, among other matters. Also today, the Committee recommended that the Economic and Social Council suspend the consultative status of 219 organizations, reinstate that of 235 organizations and withdraw that of 326 organizations, pursuant to Council resolution 2008/4. The Committee also took note of 7 name change requests:  Canterbury Business Association Incorporated (Special, 2015) to Canterbury…

  • The Secretary-General of the United Nations condemned in the strongest terms the assassination of the President of Haiti

    Haitian President Moïse was attacked and killed by unknown armed elements at his home in the capital Port-au-Prince in the early morning of the 7th. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a statement condemning the assassination of Moïse in the strongest possible terms. Guterres said the perpetrators of this criminal act must be brought to justice. He also extended his deepest condolences to the Government and people of Haiti and to the family of President Moïse. Guterres calls on all Haitians to uphold constitutional order, to remain united in the face of this horrendous act and to reject all violence. The United Nations will continue to support the Government and people of Haiti. The Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council this month, also issued a statement expressing sadness over Moïse’s assassination.

  • Experiencing the storm, witnessing the rainbow – Jiang Hua, Director of the News and Media Division of the United Nations Department of Global Communications, has an unforgettable 20-year journey

    She is Jiang Hua, Director of the News and Media Division of #UN# Global Communications. As she approached retirement, UN News reporter Zhang Jing interviewed her and asked her to tell her about her unforgettable journey at the United Nations for nearly 20 years.

  • The current Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, was successfully re-elected

    On June 18, local time, the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, was officially re-elected by vote, and he will continue his second term as Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 2022 to December 2026.On the 18th, Guterres took the oath of office and delivered a speech, first of all, he recalled the difficult work of the United Nations during the epidemic period, and all countries have been hit by different blows such as unemployment and poverty. Guterres said all people need to unite to solve common problems, recover from the pandemic, change inequalities in vaccine supply, address possible conflicts, and promote a more equitable, safe and green future. Guterres has pledged to bring about accelerated change at the United Nations in his second term, and Guterres is the only candidate to be officially endorsed by the UN Security Council in this year’s election for UN Secretary-General, a former prime minister of Portugal, a high commissioner to UNHCR and a post he has held since January 2017.

  • The UN Security Council agreed to recommend Guterres for a second term as Secretary-General

    On June 8, the President of the UN Security Council issued a statement saying that after consultations, the Security Council agreed to recommend the current UN Secretary-General of Portugal, António Guterres, for a second term. According to UN procedures, after the Security Council recommends the Secretary-General, the General Assembly will confirm it by vote. Once confirmed by the UN General Assembly, Guterres’ second term will begin on 1 January 2022.

  • Guterres articulated his vision as a candidate for UN Secretary-General

    Current UN Secretary-General António Guterres today outlined to Member States his vision for a second five-year term. Guterres said he would act as an honest intermediary and bridge builder to approach the multiple challenges of today’s world with “humility” and focus on solutions. Guterres served as Prime Minister of Portugal before being appointed UN Chief Executive in October 2016 and headed UNHCR for more than a decade. Currently, he is the only official candidate for the next UN Secretary-General, nominated by the Portuguese government. Guterres circulated his vision statement for his second five-year term in March, and today’s informal interactive dialogue provided him with an opportunity to share a more personal vision of why he would like to be a candidate for secretary-general again. Selection process The informal dialogue was introduced by the United Nations General Assembly during the last selection process for the Secretary-General in order to establish new standards of transparency by allowing candidates to express their views and answer questions from a wide range of representatives of the global community, including civil society. Following an informal dialogue…

  • “9万亿美元的代价”

    4月12日联合国秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯表示,世界各国未能团结起来应对新冠肺炎疫情,这造成了广泛的不平等。他呼吁采取紧急行动——包括征收财富税,以便为全球从新冠肺炎疫情中复苏提供资金。 秘书长说,最新报告显示,在新冠肺炎疫情下的过去一年里,“世界上最富有人群的财富猛增了5万亿美元”。他敦促各国政府“考虑对在疫情期间获利的人征收团结税或财富税,以减少极端不平等”。 古特雷斯在联合国经济和社会理事会发展融资论坛上说,自疫情开始以来,“我们的多边应对措施没有任何一项如愿以偿……推动全球公平应对和从疫情中复苏正在考验多边主义。到目前为止,在这场考验中我们失败了”。 古特雷斯说:“疫苗接种就是一个例子。”他强调,仅10个国家就占全球疫苗接种总量的约75%,而许多国家甚至还没有开始为本国医护人员和最脆弱的公民接种疫苗。 他说:“有人估计,全球为不平等获取和囤积疫苗付出成本超过9万亿美元。”

  • 也门认捐会议仅募得16.7亿美元,联合国秘书长表示失望

    联合国与瑞典、瑞士政府1日召集高级别认捐会议,为支持也门援助工作筹集到16.7亿美元资金。联合国秘书长古特雷斯会后发表声明称这一结果“令人失望”。 也门2014年爆发内战并持续至今,正面临严重的人道主义危机。联合国统计显示,该国有约2400万人需要援助和保护;近5万人已经生活在近似饥荒状态中,另有500万人面临陷入饥荒的风险。古特雷斯在会议开幕时说,联合国与合作伙伴今年需要38.5亿美元来满足1600万人的迫切需要。联合国副秘书长、紧急救济协调员马克·洛科克(mark lowcock)说,如果资金不足,也门人或将陷入“几十年来世界上最严重的饥荒”。 在当天的认捐会议上,36个认捐方共承诺提供16.7亿美元资金。2019年的高级别认捐会议共募集了超过25亿美元资金;2020年尽管有新冠肺炎疫情的影响,也门人道主义响应计划全年也接收到了约19亿美元资金。 古特雷斯称,包括妇女儿童在内,数以百万计的也门人迫切需要援助以维持生存,削减援助对他们而言意味着“死刑”。据联合国人道主义事务协调厅估计,在也门需要援助的人口中,儿童约占54%。饥饿对幼童和婴儿的严重影响是最令人担忧的问题之一,也门5岁以下儿童中近半数可能在2021年遭受严重营养不良,如不尽快处理,40万儿童或将丧生。 古特雷斯对当天的认捐方表示感谢,同时呼吁其他人再次考虑能否为也门人民提供帮助,避免几十年来世界上最严重的饥荒。他强调,通往和平的唯一途径是:立即在也门全国范围内停火,并采取一系列措施建立信任,然后在联合国的主持和国际社会的支持下,开展由也门人自身主导的包容性政治进程。 2014年9月,胡塞武装夺取也门首都萨那,后又占领该国南部地区,迫使总统哈迪前往沙特避难。2015年3月,沙特等国针对胡塞武装发起大规模军事打击。2018年12月,在联合国秘书长也门问题特使格里菲斯的主持下,也门政府与胡塞武装在瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩举行谈判,就荷台达省停火等问题达成协议。之后也门政府和胡塞武装之间关于停火和恢复和谈的谈判继续,但武装冲突仍时有发生。

  • 缅甸驻联合国大使与军政权公开决裂

    缅甸驻联合国大使觉莫吞(Kyaw Moe Tun)周五在联合国大会上与军人政权宣布分手,要求国际社会立即终结政变,他在以缅甸语结束演说时伸出三根手指头,这是他的国家民众抗议政变者的象征。 这位大使发言时表示,“我们需要国际社会以强有力的行动立即终结军人政变,终结军政权对无辜人民的压迫,把权力还给人民 !” 他的发言大约持续十二分钟,声音颤抖,充满难以掩饰的激动情绪,间杂着缅甸语句,以及表示自己与要求重返民主的缅甸示威者联手斗争的动作。他表示,联合国成员国不会承认政变政权,“我们继续为一个出自人民、代表人民、为了人民的民选政府而斗争!” 缅甸大使演讲结束后,联合国会场爆发出如雷的掌声,其他的发言人也纷纷向他致敬。美国新任联合国大使托马斯-格林菲尔德向缅甸大使说:“我向你充满勇气的声明致敬。”美国国务卿布林肯发推赞赏缅甸大使的声明“明确而勇敢”。

  • 中文成为联合国世界旅游组织官方语言


  • 联合国秘书长古特雷斯向中国人民致以新春祝福!

    新春快乐 农历辛丑牛年新春致辞 联合国秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯 春节快乐! Happy Lunar New Year! 我向所有有庆祝春节传统的人致以最良好的祝愿。 I send my best wishes to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year.  今年是牛年——我也属牛。 This year is the Year of the Ox – the same sign as the year of my birth.   牛象征着能量,力量和勇气。 The ox symbolizes energy, strength, and courage.   而这些品质正是当今世界所需要的。 These qualities are what the world needs now.   去年,2019冠状病毒病大流行带来了巨大的不确定性和破坏。 Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought great uncertainty and disruption.  2021年,我们必须携手并肩对抗病毒,采取气候行动并实现从大流行病中的强劲复苏。 In 2021, we must stand together to fight the virus, take climate action and build a strong recovery from the pandemic.   我感谢中国和中国人民在我们所有的工作支柱领域中予以多边主义和联合国的一贯支持。我期待着我们的继续合作。 I thank China and the Chinese people for your continuous support for multilateralism and the United Nations, across all pillars of our work. I look forward to our continuing cooperation.  值此牛年新春来临之际,我向所有人致以繁荣、健康和幸福的美好祝愿。 I send my best wishes to all for prosperity, health and happiness in the Year of the Ox.   谢谢! Thank You! 

  • 2021联合国和平音乐会即将开幕

    国际新闻网纽约消息(记者 安迪)2021年1月16日和1月30日,由海外最大的独立泛娱乐视频社交平台Uplive将独家全程直播联合国和平音乐会。 在后疫情时代,凝聚爱的力量,点亮新的文明和希望。只有民族的,才是世界的。本次联合国和平音乐会,特邀Uplive提供多元智能化线上直播,传播中国和世界音乐文化交流。希望通过我们的共同努力,帮助发展中国家、提高帮助妇女、儿童弱势群体和青少年儿童教育事业,相信只有奋斗的人生,才称得上幸福的人生。创生命荣耀,筑世界和平。 历史文明属于世界的宝贵财富,选择用音乐与爱的语言表达。为了传播联合国宗旨及积极响应联合国可持续性发展目标,联合国网合集团与好莱坞文化传媒集团、纽约数字电影学院、纽约ASA大学共同主办”联合国和平音乐会“。本次活动特邀请中国音乐艺术家和世界音乐艺术家、教育家、中国企业家一起交流与合作。 主题:联合国和平音乐会 地址:联合国United Nations Delegates Dining Room 指导单位:联合国、塞拉利昂常驻联合国代表团、几内亚比绍常驻联合国代表团 主办单位:联合国网合集团、好莱坞文化传媒集团、纽约ASA大学、Digital Film Academy 特别感谢:联合国各成员国驻联合国代表团、联合国新闻媒体、美国慧眼云视、国际新闻网和各界新闻媒体同步报道

  • 国际组织这些岗位等你来

    禁止化学武器组织 Posting Title Principal Analyst Grade P5 Duty Station Netherlands Deadline 2021-01-23 More Information: https://jobs.opcw.org/job/job-principal-analyst-p-5-_149.aspx 联合国秘书处经济和社会事务部 Posting Title INTERN – ADMINISTRATION, I (Temporary Job Opening) Duty Station NEW YORK Posting Period 17 January 2020 – 19 January 2021 Job Opening Number 20-Administration-DESA-130191-J-New York (A) More Information: https://careers.un.org/lbw/jobdetail.aspx?id=130191 万国邮政联盟 Posting Title Coordinator Latin America/Caribbean and Cooperation Methods Grade P5 Duty Station Bern Switzerland Deadline 2021/01/15 More Information: https://erecruit.upu.int/public/hrd-cl-vac-view.asp?jobinfo_uid_c=36924&vaclng=en

  • 安东尼奥·古特雷斯(联合国秘书长)2021年新年视频致辞

    2020年12月28日,联合国秘书长安东尼奥·古特雷斯通过联合国电视台发表2021年新年视频致辞: 朋友们,2020年是经历考验、遭遇悲剧和饱含辛酸的一年。冠状病毒病(COVID-19)颠覆了我们的生活,让世界陷入痛苦和悲痛。许多亲人丧生,大流行病肆虐,造成一轮又一轮新的病痛和死亡。贫困、不平等和饥饿日趋严重。就业机会不断消失,债务负担越来越重。儿童在挣扎。家庭暴力在增加,不安全情况比比皆是。但新年在即,由此我们看到了希望的曙光:– 大家向邻居和素不相识者伸出援手;– 一线工作人员全力以赴;– 科学家争分夺秒,以前所未有的速度研制疫苗;– 各国作出新的承诺,立志防止气候灾难。如果我们齐心协力,团结一致,共同努力,这些希望之光定会照耀全球。这就是今年这个最艰难的一年的经验教训。气候变化和COVID-19疫情的双重危机只有通过大家同舟共济才能克服——这是向包容和可持续未来转型的一部分。联合国2021年的宏大核心目标就是到2050年建立一个全球碳中和联盟。各国政府、城市、企业和个人都可为实现这个愿景发挥自己的作用。让我们携起手来,彼此和睦相处并与自然和谐共存,共同应对气候危机,遏制COVID-19疫情蔓延,让2021年成为治愈创伤的一年。摆脱致命病毒的影响。恢复支离破碎的经济和社会。弥合分歧。还要着手治愈地球的创伤。这一定是我们2021年的新年决心。我在联合国祝大家新年快乐祥和。

  • 今年仍有超过3000人在移徙途中身亡

    国际新闻网消息 国际移民组织表示,虽然各国在今年为防控新冠疫情而普遍实施了旅行限制措施,但全球仍有成千上万人离开家园,踏上横穿沙漠或是横渡大海的危险移徙之路。该组织“失踪移民计划”的数据显示,今年迄今为止已有超过3000人在移徙途中身亡。 移民组织表示,尽管移民丧生的总人数较此前几年相比有所下降,但在部分移徙路线中却出现了上升。最引人注意的是,今年以来,至少有593人在前往西班牙加那利群岛的途中失去生命,与去年的210人和2018年的45人相比升幅尤其明显。

  • 联合国:七成难民无法满足半数基本需求

    国际新闻网消息 联合国两家机构分别表示,新冠疫情所引发的社会经济和保护危机,使得大批难民、移民、境内流离失所者和无国籍人的生活陷入严重困境,未成年人所能获得的保护和服务大规模减少。 联合国难民署自疫情暴发以来所开展的监测显示,有74%的难民和流离失所者只能满足不到一半的基本生活需求,有83%被迫采取了减少用餐次数,以及变卖衣物以换取生活费等“消极应对措施”。

  • 儿基会向英国新冠影响儿童提供食品援助

    国际新闻网消息 联合国儿童基金会近日宣布,在即将到来的圣诞、新年假期及以后的时间里,该机构将为英国成千上万受新冠疫情影响的家庭提供“一次性”紧急粮食援助。 儿基会英国项目主任凯特利(Anna Kettley)表示,这是该组织70多年历史上首次介入帮助该国最脆弱的群体。儿基会在周三发表的一份声明中表示,该机构已经向英国30个社区项目提供了100多万美元的资金,旨在2021年4月该项目结束之前,帮助1万至1.5万名年轻人。

  • 粮食署急需资金阻止肯尼亚生命危机

    国际新闻网消息 联合国世界粮食计划署警告,在资源“严重短缺”的情况下,除非迅速获得新的资金,否则肯尼亚境内数十万难民将面临粮食短缺的困境。 粮食署表示需要5700万美元,以便在明年上半年继续向该国的43.5万难民提供粮食和营养援助。粮食署肯尼亚办事处主任兰迪斯(Lauren Landis)表示,该机构正面临严重的资金短缺,无法为生活在库玛(Kakuma)和达达布(Dadaab)难民营,以及卡罗贝耶(Kalobeyei)定居点的难民提供粮食援助。

  • 秘书长特别代表:阿富汗需国际社会支持

    国际新闻网消息 联合国秘书长阿富汗问题特别代表德博拉·莱昂斯(Deborah Lyons )在安理会举行的有关阿富汗局势的在线会议上通报指出,尽管今年对阿富汗来说非常重要,但当局仍将需要国际社会的支持,以便在抗击新冠疫情的同时担负起更大的国家安全责任。  莱昂斯表示,2020年的事态发展给阿富汗带来 “深刻转变”,其中包括美国与塔利班达成的协议,阿富汗人之间和平谈判的开始以及主要捐助者会议的举行。 莱昂斯说:“从所有方面来看,这是重要的一年。显然,阿富汗将在新的一年继续前进,但同样将继续需要安理会的倾力支持。”  

  • 英国报告千例新冠病毒变异病例

    国际新闻网消息 英国东南部地区过去一周新冠病例激增,包括首都伦敦在内的部分地区病例呈现“指数级增长”,而这一态势据称与该国最新发现的新冠病毒变异有关。这一消息不仅使英国民众陷入恐慌,同时也令世界其它地区的人们感到不安,人们担心新冠病毒正在发生显著变异,从而引发新的更大规模的传播。 世卫组织在12月14日举行的记者会上回答相关问题提问时表示:就目前所掌握的情况来看,这种变异还未出现质的改变,因此从疾病传播的角度而言没有带来新的变化。

  • 冲突、洪水和新冠将南苏丹推向极度饥饿

    国际新闻网消息 受不安全局势、新冠疫情、持续的经济危机以及洪水对生计造成影响等因素,联合国粮食及农业组织、联合国儿童基金会和世界粮食计划署共同呼吁,应立即向南苏丹东部的皮博尔提供人道主义援助,那里的人们正面临灾难性的饥荒。 这三个联合国机构和其他人道主义伙伴正在加大应对力度,以拯救生命,避免难以抵达地区的生计全面崩溃。粮农组织驻南苏丹代表马洛(Meshack Malo)呼吁所有各方停止暴力,确保安全的人道主义准入,以防止本已严峻的局势演变成一场全面的灾难。

  • 联合国赞扬尼日利亚当局行动使家人团聚

    国际新闻网消息 联合国秘书长古特雷斯对一个星期前从尼日利亚西北部一个学校被强行带走的300多名男生获释表示欢迎,尽管据报道仍有一些男孩处于失踪状态。 12月11日,这些男孩被武装分子从坎卡拉(Kankara)政府科学中学绑架。他们获释的消息传来后,秘书长古特雷斯呼吁“立即无条件释放仍然被绑架的男孩”。 古特雷斯通过其副发言人哈克(Farhan Haq)在声明中称赞“尼日利亚当局为营救这些儿童采取了迅速行动”,同时强调了这些儿童及其家庭现在获得必要的健康、安全和社会心理支持的重要性。

  • 联合国谴责索马里体育场爆炸袭击事件

    国际新闻网消息 联合国秘书长古特雷斯通过发言人发表声明对日前发生在索马里的针对该国总理的爆炸袭击事件予以强烈谴责。这起发生在该国中北部地区加勒卡尤市一体育场的袭击事件据报道至少造成5人死亡,13人受伤。 古特雷斯向受害者家属表示最深切的同情和慰问,并祝愿受伤者早日康复。他希望这次袭击的肇事者将被绳之以法。古特雷斯重申,联合国充分承诺支持索马里人民和政府打击恐怖主义、暴力极端主义和有组织犯罪,建设一个稳定、和平和繁荣的国家。

  • 中国所在西太平洋区域新冠病例占全球1%

    国际新闻网消息 世界卫生组织西太平洋区域办事处在其总部菲律宾马尼拉举行记者会,总结近一年来抗击新冠疫情的经验教训。区域主任葛西健表示,西太平洋区域拥有全球四分之一以上的人口,但迄今为止的新冠确诊病例数量仅占全球的1%。 西太平洋区是世卫组织全球六大区域之一,共包括37个国家和地区,涉及范围从中亚的蒙古高原到太平洋上的皮特凯恩群岛和更南面的新西兰;既包括中国这样人口超过14亿的大国,也有常住居民仅1000人的纽埃岛;既有人口增长迅猛的国家,也有正在快速步入老龄化的社会,各国医疗体系的发展程度也大相径庭,但仍然较为成功地将患者数量控制在了较低的水平。