The fifth (enlarged) meeting of the sixth council of China Wine Association was grandly held in Tai’an

On March 26, the fifth (enlarged) meeting of the sixth council of China Wine Industry Association was grandly held in Tai’an, Shandong. The meeting analyzed the industrial development in 2022, predicted the industrial situation in 2023, summarized the work carried out by the China Wine Industry Association in 2022, and looked forward to the key work in 2023. As it coincides with the 30th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the China Wine Industry Association, this conference will conduct in-depth discussions on several major issues affecting the long-term stable, healthy, sustainable and high-quality development of China’s wine industry.


Resilient growth, witness the strength of the wine industry

2022 is a year for China’s wine industry to forge ahead amid twists and turns, and it is also an extraordinary year in the history of wine industry development. In the face of multiple unfavorable factors such as economic downturn, repeated epidemics, and lack of consumption scenarios, the wine industry faced challenges, faced difficulties, efficiently coordinated epidemic prevention and control and industrial development, and overall operated smoothly, with bright spots in various wine types, and various work went against the trend, handing over a remarkable, pointable, and better-than-expected answer sheet in the major test.   According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2022, enterprises above designated size in the national brewing industry will complete a total output of 54.275 million kiloliters, a year-on-year increase of 0.8%. There are 1,756 enterprises on the main economic benefits, including 356 loss-making enterprises, and the loss area of enterprises is 20.3%. The cumulative product sales revenue was 950.90 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.1%; The cumulative total profit was 249.15 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.4%; The cumulative loss of loss-making enterprises was 4.54 billion yuan, down 7.8% year-on-year.

At the meeting, Chairman Song Shuyu analyzed the development of the industry with the topic of “Witnessing the Power of the Wine Industry” and using 9 sets of key figures and keywords. Chairman Song Shuyu emphasized that the three-year epidemic has accelerated the market reshuffle and formed a new industrial ecology: the return of traditional culture and consumption upgrading, and the momentum of quality, diversification and personalization is strong; Technology empowerment, digital empowerment, the integration of traditional brewing and smart brewing, the combination of offline and online, and the full integration of digital intelligence technology into the production, supply, circulation, dissemination and consumption of the wine industry. The change of the demand side has promoted the change of the supply side, the industrial structure continues to differentiate, the value of the production area is increasingly prominent, the optimization of production capacity has become the quality foundation, the brand image and value composition are becoming increasingly full, cultural innovation has become a new driving force for the industry, and social responsibility and ESG system have become the standard for sustainable development.

Steady and good, consolidate the foundation for growth

In 2023, the pattern of the alcohol industry will undergo profound changes, and the improvement of production capacity, quality, scientific and technological innovation, culture, consumption and service has become the proposition of the times for the high-quality development of the alcohol industry.
Chairman Song Shuyu analyzed the industrial development trend in 2023 from twelve aspects, including the expansion of the high-end market and favorable industrial policies. He said that in general, the industrial structure will be further concentrated in 2023, and the competition in market width will intensify. Advantageous production areas, advantageous enterprises, and advantageous brands still exist. Cultural value will become the spiritual core of industrial innovation, and new alcoholic products of science and technology innovation + cultural creativity will become the new favorite of the consumer market; Market construction will further highlight the head power and continue to form a virtuous circle of leading excellence with excellence and creating excellence with excellence; Scientific and technological innovation strengthens digital intelligence empowerment and continues to achieve the industrial goal of technological advantages; Ecological expression will further practice the concept of “dual carbon” and continuously create ecological brewing. The construction of production areas, the expansion of industrial chains, and the industrial economy will show strength.
Chairman Song Shuyu stressed that the accumulation of industrial contradictions needs to be alleviated, the imbalance of development needs to be buffered, and the problems of the industry itself need to be digested. Slow industrial growth and rational growth in 2023 are the main characteristics.

Innovative ways to help the development of the wine industry

As a national industry association, China Wine Industry Association plays an important role as a bridge in leading the industry, serving enterprises and giving back to the society. With the construction of the new economic pattern, the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain are constantly being reconstructed, how to improve the service quality, broaden the service field, build a solid industrial foundation, and guide the development of the industry from a high level and foresight is the test and challenge of the association’s service ability and service level.
Secretary General He Yong summarized the main work of China Wine Industry Association in 2022 from 12 aspects. In 2022, in order to implement the purpose of the sixth council of “being a good member enterprise and a good mother, a good counselor of the government, a good drinking friend for consumers, a good creator of a better life, and a leader in the development of the world wine industry”, the association continued to innovate services, help the development of the industry with practical actions, and effectively safeguard the interests of the industry, and won the honorary title of “National Advanced Social Organization”.
Secretary General He Yong said that in 2023, the China Wine Industry Association has formulated 182 work plans, focusing on six aspects: further upgrading of service work, further expansion of professional work, further improvement of key work, breakthrough in innovation work, bright spots in routine work, and efficient science popularization work, leading the industry to take the road of sustainable development.

Institutional adjustment to development needs

In order to meet the needs of the development of the wine industry, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the “Constitution of the China Wine Industry Association”, according to the procedures of the application submitted by the members, reviewed by the secretariat, and discussed and approved by the joint meeting of the management and branch committees of the association, Wang Qi, executive chairman of the China Wine Industry Association, read out the organizational structure, branch adjustment and supplement plan of the sixth council of the China Wine Industry Association. The conference deliberated and added 5 units, including the International Distilled Spirits Branch of China Liquor Association, the Liqueur and Blended Liquor Professional Committee of China Liquor Association, the Brandy Professional Committee of China Liquor Association, the Fragrant Liquor Professional Committee of China Liquor Association, Zhangzhou Jintianhe Liquor Industry Co., Ltd., and 3 units, including Runjing Information Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., as specially invited executive directors. The three vice chairman (specially invited vice president) units and individuals such as Huzhou Laohenghe Brewing Co., Ltd. were adjusted, and 2 units such as Shenzhen Guocera Yongfengyuan Porcelain Industry Co., Ltd. were added as the specially invited vice chairman units of the sixth council of China Wine Association, and Liu Quanhui and other two were added as specially invited vice presidents of the sixth council of China Wine Association.
At the meeting, the commendation decisions of “Classic Case of Cultural Heritage Operation of China’s Wine Industry”, “Excellent Cultural Heritage Worker of China’s Wine Industry” and “Science and Technology Award of China Wine Industry Association” in 2022 were also read out at the meeting, and awards were solemnly presented to the winners.

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